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What is topixx and which service is offered to photographers?

- is an internet system for a picture database, affordable for small agencies or even freelance photographers. The software was developed by the German photographer Thomas Sandberg. It is going to be licensed with a server (hardware) or with establishing a virtual server account. To run those servers topixx established a cooperation with the Germany based Internet Service Provider Powerweb.




"Digital picture archives are only for big agencies, who can afford the technique ?"

with total fix cost of €75 / month proofs the opposite!

Every single photographer can run its own archives.

"How can you manage so many pictures?"

can search many records and is very fast. Thanx to the SQL database mysql.

is easy to use and completely remote controllable.

has a very reasonable price.

How can I purchase topixx?

You have two options. Order an installation on a virtual server or buy a topixx RAQ 19" Server (Hardware).

Virtual Server

The topixx system is going to be installed as virtual server. You can remote control, upload your web design and your pictures etc. You can run this system for a very reasonable price, since you are resource sharing with others.

If you like more performance, because you have many pictures and you are expecting the same speed even in peak hours, you might go for an own dedicated server.

Dedicated Server (hardware)

We design your 19" RaQ (Hard- und Software) for server housing with us.

Industry case19" 1 UE (unit), 1000CPU, 256 Ram, 2x80GB Hard drive, CD-ROM



Professional Web Presence      
all prices in Euro, incl. VAT

topixx on a virtual server, up to 10 GB HD space (good for aprox. 10,000 pictures), no additional traffic charge, 3 e-mail boxes



one time


€ 330.00

€ 75.00

topixx housing maintenance of the server* incl. 30GB traffic. further traffic €2/GB.



one time


€ 330.00

€ 100.00



Domain registering .de .com .net

€ 25.00

*1. Designing of a dedicated servers for housing, 2,4 Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, 2x500GB HD, DVD-ROM, ethernet 10/100, Linux Fedora Core 8, industry case 19" 1 UE, all needed Internet installations, httpd, ftpd, sendmail


€ 1198 ,00





The topixx system comes only bundled with our Internet service provinding.

€ 0,00
we consult and give special offers ! info@topixx.com        
You may cancel all Services, at any time.        

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topixx works in cooperation with

and the "Level 3" Backbone




Thomas Sandberg, Homeyerstr. 37, 13156 Berlin, Germany, Tel +49 30 44732024, Fax +49 30 44732028

Steuernummer 35/504/61900 · UST-Id Nr. 151092DE136854264


"Only big central picture collection make sense?"

Thru search portals like picture editors getting access to many databases. On this way the picture of a single photographer is getting the same market chance, as it would belong to a big archives. Maybe a picture will be used which nobody had ever expected with this photographer.

The photographer gets back 100% of the copyright fee.

"Am I caught in a proprietary system?"

is offering safety of investment, since it is based on open internet standards.

No picture file get changed and keeps being importable to other systems at any time.